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Review on Comprehensive Hair Consultation - Five Stars!

I did the BIG CHOP in May 2015. Since then, I had tried hard to embrace the new natural hair journey I had begun, but I was having a difficult time doing so. I just couldn't find the right products for my hair. I was looking for something that would not only keep moisture in my hair but would also define my curls. Then I met Mrs. Erica at the Kwanzaa Expo in December 2015. She tested a little bit of the Earthtones' products on my hair and I saw an immediately difference when she used the curl enhancing jelly. It was at that moment that I decided I was going to schedule a comprehensive consultation with her to learn more about the caring for my natural tresses. I had my consultation on January 7th and I must say it was a game changer for me. Mrs. Erica shared a wealth of knowledge with me regarding  my hair's density, porosity, texture, curl pattern and so much more. I walked away from that session feeling empowered and for the first time, since my BIG CHOP, I had finally found a product that did what I wanted it to do; define my curls. After doing my whole head with the products, I actually had people stopping me and telling me they loved my hair. They even asked me about the products I use. I was more than ecstatic to share with them what I had learned and tell them about my new products. In addition to that,  I've even decided to host a Love My Hair Party. 


I had been using Wen Haircare products for almost 2 years and even after switching from the Fig formula designed especially for ethnic hair to the Pomegranate formula that is soy-based for hair needing maximum hydration, I was not seeing the results I was expecting. I did get better results than all of the various product lines bought before trying Wen, but my hair still became dry and frizzy. Since I have not had any chemicals in my hair since 1997, I basically do a wash and go style. I embraced my natural curls, but the frizzy ends made having a loose style impossible for more than a day and I wore ponytails up until Wen. I was able to go about 5 days before my hair became dry, frizzy and looking like a big cotton ball. So, wasn't completely happy with Wen but it had been the best product for me until I met the ladies at the Curly Dew booth at Soulard Market one Saturday. I got info on the Earthtones Naturals Product line and felt the prices was reasonable to give it a try. I was due for my reorder with Wen, so I decided to try the Try It Kit before my next order was processed. After the first shampoo using Earthtones Naturals moisturizing and conditioning shampoo, I was AMAZED!! Not only did it smell good, my hair felt better than it ever had. It was soft and lighter feeling even before using the conditioner. But, I was not yet 100% sold on Earthtones Naturals products because my hair always looks nice wet. The true test is after my hair has air dried and been a few days. I applied the hair butter on my scalp and worked it through my ends with a comb. I was never able to use a comb before because it would just increase the dryness and frizzy and become poofy. I would only use my fingertips and apply the Wen anti-frizz styling creme and work through my scalp and ends. About 5 days later, my hair was frizzy and hard like a Brillo pad! I tried the other Wen styling products including a deep moisturizing conditioner, which dried my hair even more. But, to my amazement, a full week later after applying the Earthtones Naturals hair butter and curl enhancing gelly my hair stayed soft, NO frizz and my curls remained defined like I just stepped out the shower. I never "retouched" my hair the whole week. I sleep with a satin cap and when I woke up, I used my fingers to arrange my medium length curls. I washed my hair 2 days ago for the 2nd time using the Earthtones Naturals and decided to use the styling cream after the hair butter and did 2-strand twists. I was again outdone! I occasionally twist my hair, about half a dozen times in a year because it takes too long (3-5 hours). After using Earthtones Naturals, I must say, my twists are the prettiest, shiniest and "lengthiest" twists I have ever done! Usually, my twists draw up after the next day of sleeping in my satin cap, and the length of my twists shrink a good inch or so. Right now as I am typing this, after sleeping the past 2 nights with my good ole' satin cap, upon waking and removing the cap, my twists literally fall down past my neck! They don't stay drawn up from being confined to the cap all night. Previously, I have used everything from Jamaican locks/twists gel to Argan oil added hair moisturizer and even some handmade pomade from another vendor at Soulard market made of all natural ingredients and I never got the results that I have gotten using the Earthtones Naturals. I wish I had found this product a couple decades ago. I would likely now have much more healthier and longer hair capable of holding more natural hairstyles. I am no longer a Wen customer. They placed my account in "hold" status for several months to see if I change my mind--NOT!!! I'm now a devoted customer of Curly Dew and I am praying that Earthtones Naturals never changes the product formulas or ever stop making this. Now that I have found this awesome product line that has married perfectly to my finicky hair needs, I have gotten rid of all the mounds of other left over products tried over the years, including Wen, Organix, Cream of Nature to name a few! I'm now faithful to only Earthtones Naturals sold by Curly Dew to put in my hair. I LOVE it!!!! 




Niclole B  - Red/Blk/Gn/Yellow Headband - this band is very cute! I received a ton of compliments.  It is VERY secure so don't worry about it slipping off or moving around throughout the day.  I'm looking forward to trying the other colors.  Highly recommend! I really like this company.  The shipping was very fast.  The owner is a doll!

The Natural Travelista - Jay Symone

Earthtones Naturals Curl Cleanse Moisturizing & Conditioning Shampoo

Aloe Vera Juice & Glycerin are in the first 5 ingredients. This sulfate-free shampoo has been in my regimen since 2013 and they never let me down. This is a gentle shampoo that does lather and smells like cake! Mmmm.  


(Yola R. -  A couple of weeks ago I had my 2nd consultation with Erica at her home because I am so style challenged and she is determined to get me looking good. We sat at her house for about 3 hours and she walked me through step by step, doing my hair, on how to create a cute natural style. I have been struggling for a few years trying to learn how to get a good twist out and in 3 hours she had my curls defined, bouncy and shiny. I so appreciate Erica she has no idea how much her help means to me. Consultations have been my saving grace during this journey. I now have a style that I can create and I have been getting compliments on my hair finally. Thank you Mrs. Curly dew, your help is invaluable. Luv ya

Samantha OMG!  Try It™ Kit - Thanks Curly Dew!!!! - I LOVE my kit!  My hair felt so soft and beautiful.  It was also my first time pre-pooing too and my hair felt and looked so much better.  The kit is worth it and I would like to keep using their line of products!  I'm so glad I saw their sign on the car.  #TEAM CURLY DEW!!!


Monica - Hair Butter - Love This Product! I am newly natural. Six months in and still learning what my hair needs.  This product is wonderful for moisture. My hair loves it. Water based but also has aloe and glycerin. Great scent too!


TLB -   Try It™ Kit - Each product in this kit is true to the definition of the promise. Each product smells wonderful, has a light coconut type scent except for oil has more of a minty scent but light and pleasant. I am a 7 mth transtitioner and these products works wonders, up until I found these products I was buying everything that everyone used and suggested but now I am very satisfied and glad that these products are available. I have completed the 7 day rehydration challenge AND WOW....absolutely amazing.....Love,Love,love these products and Dr. Walkers webinars, tips and suggestions. Will purchase more. I hope there will be a travel kit soon, so I don't have to transport my valuable products...  

Monica M.  Very Moisturizing!  I have used the Curly Dew products on my hair for about 3 months now and my hair has been super moisturized! I would say that since using the products they are the best that I've used throughout my natural journey.

 Atchrace - 4  I first purchased a Try It Kit, (Oct 2013), and loved everything in it.  The product supply lasted a long time, which makes it affordable definitely in comparison to other products bought off of store shelves.  I recommended the kit to my friends to try this, first; and after they fall in love with it, (like I did), then purchase the larger size products. 


 The Curly Dew products does exactly what it says it would and that is give you curly hairdos.  I bought the kit and love this product.  I will definitely be purchasing the products I do not have.

(Gwen, The Cure Beauty Salon, Owner, Licensed Educator/Cosmetologist)  I have recently been introduced to this product line and love all it has to offer.  I highly recommend this defining gel for that firm-holding, shiny defined curl look.  Use the product as recommended and you will find that it gives you the results your looking for. I use this product for my son who wears a natural bob look. His curls are defined and shiny.  No need for a texturizer. It is also date to use on my 1 year old daughter.  It brings out her natural curly locs.I will be using this for all my natural hair clients.


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