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MaKesha Harris 

I joined the Curly Dew team in February 2014. Since Halloween 2012, I have been rocking my natural curls and trust me they will never go out of style! But let me just say that I had NO intensions of becoming natural….again (tried it for a while back in undergrad). It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer, which led me on this journey. Due to the chemotherapy treatments which had begun April of 2012, I was HIGHLY advised not to add chemicals to my hair until after the treatments. Meaning NO RELAXER! HELP!! I had no clue what to do with my hair! It was growing in some areas and falling out in others (due to the treatments).  Finally, I decided I would just wear wigs until the treatments were completed. After a while those things got HOT! So I decided to start looking at YouTube and I found an easy transition style that I loved….BANTU KNOTS! I am a big hair kind of girl so this natural transition style was perfect for me! As I continued to come from under the wigs I discovered my natural hair curl…IT IS GORG!! I fell in love with it and decided once treatments were over; I was going to do the BIG CHOP! Yes me! No beautician needed.  Just a pair of sheers, my best friend since Kindergarten (who did most of the cutting) and a mirror! Once we were finished I took that first look in the mirror at my new hair and I was stunned. I realized God truly does work in a mysterious way! My natural beauty and love for it has opened a door to a new family, a new gift, a new learning experience, and a new way to give back called Curly Dew!

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