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Laurie Ferrer 


I’m a mother of 4 beautiful children and a daughter I “acquired” from my brother. I’m a nurse, going to school to obtain my second Masters as a family nurse practitioner. I’m a daughter, a sister, a “sister cousin” and a “play mother” to a host of people who I always seem to gather along my journeys. I love essential oils, and believe wholeheartedly in complementary medicine.

My natural journey came about by accident. I have a son who is 8 years old. My love and my heart. When he turned two, we were dismayed to learn that he has Autism. All my hopes and dreams, all of my what if’s and what will be’s, came crashing down around me. I am a health care provider, so I thought, “I will fix this”. Well, I learned, you can’t fix Autism. Then the self-blame and recriminations started. What did I do wrong for this to happen to us? I started looking around my home and my environment. I researched everything, for you see, there is no reason or cure for this. So I decided to give my son and my other children the opportunity to be as healthy and as “pure” as possibly. I started making my own… everything. Soaps, lotions, haircare supplies, home cleaning supplies, etc. If I couldn’t make it, I read labels on everything. No poison would enter my house. I tried to turn my family into vegetarians as I am, they drew the line. Absolutely not! We love meat! They screamed….

Fast forward, three years. My older brother, my best friend, died unexpectedly from diabetes and pneumonia. I was devastated. I went through my grieving process, I’m still going through it, and just didn’t have time to focus on anything. So, I cut off my hair. This was in 2010. I’ve been natural ever since. Not the best natural, mind you. I didn’t know how to take care of this hair I had growing out of my scalp, all curly and what not. But every day I learned more. And now, here I am. Still natural, learning my hair and now learning how to help other women care for their hair.

I am goal oriented and driven to be successful, whether that’s with my jobs or my passions. I am passionate about hair care. Curly Dew has given me an outlet to express that passion. Women stop me often to ask what I do to my hair to make it look like that. They want to know my secrets to not only obtaining long hair, but how to get healthy thick hair. Believe me, it’s not a secret and once you learn the techniques, you’ll start being a person who is stopped also. I want to teach all women how to care for their lovely locks. I want to show women how to style their hair, how to rock their hair and how to make their hair head turning. Whether it hangs long, rises gently to the Heavens or swirls closely to the scalp, I want your hair to be healthy and moisturized. How is that done? By choosing the best ingredients. In reading the labels, I found that Earthtones Naturals is full of all the natural ingredients that I use on my hair, already. It provides life to my tresses. I’m still a kitchen chemist when there is time, but why go out and buy all of those ingredients when they are already right here?

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