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How is Water Impacting Your Hair?

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Are you using oils to moisturize your hair?  Do you end up with shiny dry hair?  Take a look to understand why...


Chemical-free black hair is not simply a trend

The slumping sales of hair relaxers among African-American women tell the story: More women are opting to forgo chemicals and go natural. But it’s the anecdotal evidence that conveys the real message.“The natural hair trend is driving an increase in sales of styling products such as styling moisturizers, setting lotions, curl creams, pomades, etc.,” said [...]

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I Hate My Hair!

While I realize that the points shared by Susan in her article below were written few years ago, I find it is still valid today.  Everyone at sometime or another wished that their hair was a different type, texture, length or color, even me, but I have learned to love my hair from the inside [...]

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Quite possibly one of my favorite foods because of the distinctive, nutty flavor it gives to dishes and smoothies (yum!) is coconut. It seems to be en vogue these days as consumers are realizing the benefits of this wonderful super food and food companies are meeting the demand to provide it in various forms. We have the whole [...]

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How Natural Hair Positively Impacts Your Daugter's Self-Esteem!

Re-claiming our Natural Beauty - Going Natural!This segment was recorded a few years ago, but it is so relevant to today.  I hope that as women of color we understand the messages we send to our daughters about what is beautiful. 

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